Specialist in energy efficiency and sustainable principles
in the residential and commercial building sector

Green House offers the following to residential and commercial building sectors:

  • Sustainable alternatives to standard building practices, which maximise the liveability of a dwelling using Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD)
  • Practical, cost-effective solutions for energy-efficiency compliance requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) in:
    • Residential thermal performance
      • new homes
      • multiple occupancy residential
      • alerations and additions BCA Part 3.12
    • Commercial BCA, Section J
  • Advice on government rebates
  • Advice on obtaining the most economical Five Star or Green Star rating.

Green House works with small to medium sized design organisations and its client base includes:

  • individual homeowners
  • developers
  • architects and other building designers
  • schools
  • government

Green House has no financial affiliations with any product suppliers.