Design Advice


Energy Management

Good thermal design offers the greatest potential energy saving for a home by minimising heating and cooling demands, which accounts for 38 percent of all energy used in the average Australian home.

Green House identifies solutions to minimise the energy demands of the active systems in the home, eg:

  • heating and cooling
  • water heating 
  • general appliances
  • refrigeration
  • lighting
  • cooking, and
  • standby.


    Source: Australian Greenhouse office. Your home technical manual

Energy Supply

The source of a home’s energy is an important consideration when minimising a home’s impact on the environment. Green House can help identify the most suitable energy source for any particular project.

Possible Choices

  • Mains electricity
  • Green Power
  • Gas
  • Active solar systems
  • Electricity generation – Stand-alone Power Systems (SAPS)
  • Solar hot water
  • Active solar heating systems

Government Rebates & Resources

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